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Fibre & Gifts

Llama fibre is soft, warm, naturally thermal and strong. It is a double coated fleece with a fine down hair protected by a coarse outer guard hair. It does not grow continuously so the shorter coated llamas may not need to be sheared. Most however, do benefit from having their fleece removed every few years as the British climate and a llama’s love of rolling will result in a matted, contaminated coat after a few years. We like to shear it off every two to three years whilst it is still in good condition so that that we don’t have to waste any of it!


After shearing and sorting the fleeces into different colours, we send all our fibre off to a local mill to be combed, it then comes back ready for us to spin into chunky yarn for us to weave our handmade rugs and funky chunky llama hats and knit your own hat packs.


Our rugs are made using a 100% natural linen warp which is covered by the llama fibre weft. A weft faced rug is fully reversible and cleaning is easy as there are no dyes used, only wonderfully natural llama colours. The down hair is strengthened by the guard hair which makes it soft underfoot, but incredibly strong wearing.