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About The Process

Llama fibre is best suited for hand spinning and weaving. Grooming will produce a good supply of fibre. Llamas do not go through a moult, but ‘release’ fibre which can be collected by grooming. The benefit of this method is that much of the guard hair remains attached to the llama and your slicker comb harvests handfuls of the soft down hair. Many hand spinners will spin straight from these bundles of groomed fibre without having to spend hours making ‘rolags’ first.


Llama fibre does not contain lanolin, so you don’t need to wash it until you have spun your yarn. It is easy to create many different colours by blending a small amount of white fibre with coloured. 10% black with white gives a medium grey, 5% a fabulous silver grey. Brown with varying degrees of white will give a range of beige/camel/cream colours. Llama fibre dyes very well, giving strong, vibrant colours.