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A day I will never forget….

Well… I do not know how else to describe today other than it was truly a day I will never forget. I arrived on the farm late morning to go over some details with Mary about our new farm visits. Knowing that the females are heavily pregnant, we went down to their paddock to see if there were any signs of movement before we sat down with a brew. Orla and Genevieve were looking very heavy but nothing was happening, as we meandered back to Mary and David’s house we realised that Orla was now straining and was very fidgety…. we knew this was it! As this was my first llama labour experience I really wanted to see every second of it, so camera at the ready we made our way back down. Literally our way back down to the paddock little boy Ollie entered the world. It was such an amazing moment to witness.

Before we had a chance to get too excited about little Ollie, Genevieve was now in labour, a few metres from Orla. She struggled a little more than Orla and looked like she was having difficulty passing the crias (baby llamas) shoulders. Lucky for her, Mary is a very experienced breeder and was at hand to help ease the shoulders through to make it easier for Genevieve to work through the rest of the contractions and deliver a beautiful baby girl. Both mothers and babies are doing wonderfully and are now up and suckling. I am so lucky to have been able to witness both births and many more to come.

Genevieve and Baby Genevieve and Baby Genevieve and BabyOllie Mothers and Crias