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A ‘Minnie’ Surprise!




On Sunday 20th March at 12pm we had a very early surprise labour as one of our lovely mummies to be Columbine decided to have her baby 4 weeks early. She delivered a very beautiful baby girl, the first 24hours she was doing very well but the next day we did have to intervene and rush her off to the vets as she became very poorly, very quickly as she was so premature. After spending a night at the vets away from mum (who was left pacing the farm with myself and Mary – worries sick and waiting for a phone call) we were finally able to collect her and reunited mum and baby the next day… And it was a very special moment! (Will upload the video soon of the reunion.)

As you can see from the photos of mum Columbine, she has a very distinctive Mickey Mouse sign on her side, so without further ado we would like to introduce you to our newest member of Catanger Farm…. Minnie Mouse! She is continuing to astound us with her progress and is doing so well, will keep you posted on her progress and hopefully her floppy ears will finally ping!!

img_8791-1 img_8892-1 img_8798 img_8839