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Alpaca Training

So Super Nova, Hitch and Tiny Ted have been at Catanger farm for a month or so now and we have started their trekking training. The first few weeks after they arrived we just touched them every so often, this de-sensitises them for when we are handling them. We then practised putting halters on and off them for a couple of weeks so they are used to wearing them, once they are used to them being on we attach a lead rope and just hold it very loosely, letting them go where they want to go, keeping the rope relaxed with no tension.

As they are now used to being haltered we took them for their first little walk. We took our biggest llama, Isaac (who Tiny Ted idolises) along for morale support. Hitch came out first and was so brave and confident. He was a bit unsure at first, but soon became at ease when he realised nothing bad was going to happen to him he took in the all the new surroundings and did really well. He will make a lovely confident trekker soon

Hitch alpaca training Hitch alpaca training

Tiny Ted came out afterwards and was a little more unsure, even with his big mate Isaac leading the way he was a bit nervous to leave the rest of the herd and venture off into the woods. We didn’t push Ted, we made sure Isaac stayed close to him and went at a gentle pace. After a few minutes he was doing a few steps without pulling and started to relax. We won’t take him out for another week but next time he comes out again for training he will be so much more confident. Training is a very long process and we don’t push any of our boys. Because Tiny Ted is so small he isn’t as confident as Hitch and Super Nova but as each week passes he will improve so much. I can’t wait until these little alpaca boys are able to go out with the public on our on farm treks.

Tiny Ted alpaca training Tiny Ted alpaca training