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Berkshire County Show

Well last weekend was the weekend of the Berkshire National Show. We took three boys with us, our breeding male Xing and our two youngsters Mr Kang and Mungo. We had a lovely big marque and the boys settled in very well, but there wasn’t much time to rest as their classes started at 10am. They all did very well, Mungo came 1st and Mr Kang 3rd in the young males class and Xing was 1st in the adult male class. We were so impressed with how well they behaved in the ring they were and they all had a real presence. As Mungo and Xing got 1st’s in their classes they were entered into the final championship at the end of the day and our little boy Mungo only went and won the Supreme Championship!! Well done MUNGO!!
Mungo champion berkshire show Mungo champion berkshire show
After all the excitement the boys settled down for the rest of the day meeting and sniffing all the public. The next day was when all the fun classes started and of course we entered the boys in everything, winning lots more rosettes for Catanger Llamas, we even won the final of the egg and spoon race and they all had a go in the agility race. Once all the classes were finished at the end of the day we were invited into the Grand Parade with the rest of the champions from the show. Mungo was brilliant, he took it all in his stride and considering he is only 16 months old and was surrounded by bulls and endless numbers of livestock and crowds of people he was an absolute star. All in all a very eventful weekend and very proud of the boys.
Xing adgility Grand Parade DSCF2698
Photos by Caroline Champion (British Llama Society)