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Catanger Beauty Salon

After a lovely sunny half day trek with Fudge, Nappa and little Nikki this morning we decided to tackle some much needed beauty treatments for some of the residents of Catanger Farm.


Dasher the Donkey still has most of his winter coat and it was time for his annual bath. His stable mate Flossy was not impressed with Dasher being out of his sight for half an hour but little Dasher, was not fazed and actually quite enjoyed his cool bath on such a scorching day. Well done Dasher!

donkey bath

The shearer had already visited earlier in the spring and sheared many of our llamas. Spinach is 18 and a half years young and is our oldest and most cherished llama at Catanger. As he is so old he was not sheared by the shearer this year as Mary wanted to hand shear him to leave him more of a coat than all the other llamas, being the oldest he feels the cold much more. As it was such a hot day today we thought it was only fair to get some of his thick coat off him and make him more comfortable and cooler. He was so well behaved, not fazed by the buzzing noises from the shearers at all and looks ravishing after his visit to the hair dressers! This was for Spinach’s best interests and making him as comfortable as we can for the summer. What a handsome chap!

llama shearingLlama shearing