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Our trip to Berkshire

On Friday we took Yasmin and Bubble on a little road trip to their new owner, Anne in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire. The girls were very well behaved travellers, like all the llamas they just lay themselves down in the trailer and enjoy the ride. When we arrived at their new home, everything was set up and waiting for the girls. We let them have a good nosy around the place, walk around the perimeter of their new field and even meet their new horse neighbours before settling them into their field shelter. Eventually it was time to say goodbye, although it is sad to see them go Mary knows that they will be spoilt rotten by Anne and have a wonderful life there. I am looking forward to hearing all about their progress.

Bubble and Yasmin


Cody, our one and only alpaca at Catanger has recently retired and a vacancy for a new alpaca trekker was up for grabs. While we were in the area we visited Bozedown Alpacas to check what was on offer and see if we could find a new addition to our trekking boy herd. Mary wanted two new alpacas, as introducing one male to our herd of boys would be a little daunting for him so we decided to look at two to take home to the farm. After looking at all the boys on offer we chose, Hitch and Super Nova to come home with us. We didn’t stop there… we suddenly noticed a very small fluffy boy with beautiful big eyes nestled in the crowd of other boys and thought he was far too adorable to leave behind. So Tiny Ted was loaded onto the trailer with Nova and Hitch and are now settling in at Catanger Farm. We left the farm that morning with two llamas and returned with three alpacas. Meet the new recruits…

Tiny Ted The new alpaca boys