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Xing Xinging!

Today was Xing’s lucky day! Xing is our newest stud male who still lives with our herd of gelded trekking boys, this spring we are expecting his first crias ( baby llamas). Today he got the privilege of leaving the boys and entertaining 5 females in our ‘fern hill’ paddock, it was interesting to see how Oscar (our more experienced stud) would react to new some male competition in the next field. Unlike Oscar who only ‘gets jiggy’ at night, Xing got straight down to business with Crazy Daisy, not being put off by the constant spitting through the fence from Oscar. Things soon calmed down. Unlucky for Xing his luscious long, captain jack sparrow like locks will be coming off tomorrow as the shearer is coming and he is due a haircut. Will he will still be able to charm the ladies once stripped of his outer glamour?


Llama XingDSCF2114